NJDFS Lic# P001179
NJDCA Lic# 34BA000232
NJDCA Lic# 34FA000232
NJHIC Lic# 13VH03160000


Welcome to Alarms Plus Security Services, LLC

Alarms Plus Security Services, LLC (Alarms Plus) is a committed licensed security company providing life safety systems, burglar and fire alarm systems, for residential and commercial applications. We proudly service the northern New Jersey region. The main focus is the partnership between our company and you, the customer, addressing new product installations and maintaining  our clients existing systems, offering the confidence and security our customers have come to expect, since 1995.

Through the years, the Alarms Plus company has matured with a large diverse customer base enabling us to be proficient in many different venues. Collaborate with Alarms Plus and personal attention is what can be expected.  Show us your drawings, mail in your plans for new construction or existing construction, call about  renovations or additions, invite us to your site (business or residence).  Discuss with us your needs or ideas.

The state of New Jersey has mandated licensing for alarm companies.  Required courses are needed to maintain these licenses.  Alarms Plus is licensed and continually gains knowledge and experience in the realm of changing fire codes that are enforced by the local fire officials and sub code officials in their municipalities.


The Alarms Plus employees are certified field technicians, and their mission requires a commitment to quality, safety, education, and the customer.


If you have any questions or comments please contact us at the "Contact  Us" link provided above.

Central Station Monitoring Company


Rapid Response Monitoring Customers (Orange Card)
New Customer Link - www.rrms.com
Existing Customer Link - www.mysecurityaccount.com

Monital/CMS Monitoring Customers (White Cards)
New Customer Link - www.cmsn.com
Existing Customer Link - www.mymonitoringstation.com


Central Station Monitoring Update Form Link
(Please fill out and Fax or Mail back to Alarms Plus Office)