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Product Line

The security line of products Alarms Plus Security Services, LLC uses are Ademco, Fire-Lite, Silent Knight, and System Sensor Products (Honeywell Products) for both commercial and residential applications.

The Ademco "Vista", Fire-Lite, Silent Knight, and System Sensor Products have the capability to accommodate your burglar and fire alarm needs. These manufacturers are highly recognized in the alarm industry. These products deliver performance and reliability. They are durable, user-friendly, and an economical product for providing our existing customers and our future customers. These systems are equipped with specifications to customize your options, as you view the list below.

Additionally, our technicians are proficient in the installation of these products and their corresponding burglar and fire alarm devices. Our service technicians will troubleshoot problems on these existing burglar and fire alarm systems, if they should occur.

The product lines, as you scroll down, can be connected into a Central Station Monitoring Service company that Alarms Plus will provide (see Home Page for Links for monitoring information). Some of these systems can be installed hardwired or installed wireless. Please go to the "Contact Us" link to discuss any questions you may have.

Ademco Products


Fire-Lite Products

Silent Knight

Silent Knight Products

System Sensor Products

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